DSTV?s HD installations are growing in popularity largely because the advantages far outweigh the cost. A must-have for sport enthusiasts and movie lovers in South Africa. 

DSTV HD installation turns ordinary TV into extraordinary. 

*The picture quality, clarity and colour received by DSTV HD decoders are about 5 times better than standard definition television. 

*DSTV HD decoders enhance the viewing pleasure of every television show, ensuring hours of family entertainment.

Enhance your television experience, contact us for DSTV HD upgrades, decoders and installations. 

*The digital signal used to display HD channels on DSTV provides unrivalled picture quality and clarity. Vivid and realistic colours produced on HD DSTV decoders make watching television better. With a HD satellite installation, it is like treating yourself to the cinema every night from the comfort of home. 

*DSTV HD sport channels bring the atmosphere and festivity of being at the stadium to your living room. For sport fanatics nothing is more special than enjoying your favourite sport on DSTV HD with a couple of mates, some snacks, and of course replays. 

*For added fulfilment, DSTV HD channels offer excellent audio quality. We design niche home entertainment systems integrating HD installations with customised surround sound audio to take advantage of your space. To experience the full magic of DSTV HD installations with a variety of HD channels and high-quality sound, Aerial Installationz is the best in the business. 

*We employ trained technicians to conduct new DSTV HD installations, HD upgrades and DSTV repairs. We are accredited MultiChoice installers, so you are ensured quality and value for money DSTV HD installations. Our primary focus is providing customers with DSTV HD decoders and installations for hours of exciting viewing pleasure.