- Choose life. 

- Choose DSTV HD installations.

- Choose a big HD television, choose being able to record, play, rewind, and replay your favourite television shows whenever you want. 

- Choose DSTV XtraView installations, choose customised surround sound and TV mounting Brackets. 

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DSTV HD PVR decoders have revolutionised the television experience by giving the viewer ultimate control. A DSTV PVR installation allows you to stop, rewind, play, pause, slow-mo, fast forward or record all the action. The features of the DSTV PVR decoder allow you to take full control of your viewing never missing a second of your favourite shows, movies or sports. In addition, DSTV PVR lets you live and relive magical moments, feel the goose bumps and if you have an HD PVR decoder watch high-quality sports that is even better than the front row of any stadium in the comfort of your home. 

DSTV HD PVR is capable of recording up to 150 hours of your favourite SD content and 50 hours of HD content. DSTV PVR decoders are so reliable and efficient that you will wonder just how you managed with that old clunky VCR for so long. DSTV PVR installations are the future of television that includes an ever expanding selection of interactive content and the ability to control what you watch and when you watch it. PVR installation is perfect for television junkies who just cannot seem to find enough time to catch all their favourite shows as they air. Also ideal for Workaholics, owning a DSTV PVR decoder lets you catch up with what you missed during the week whenever you have free time. 

Watch all your favourite shows when you have time.

We use our experience and expertise to provide our customers with DSTV PVR decoders and installations for hours of television viewing pleasure. With DSTV PVR for sale you never need to rush home to watch your favourite programme, enjoy your life knowing your PVR decoder is working for you. For many people life has become a constant rush and television has taken a back seat, now it is time to take back what rightfully belongs to you.