1. Communal installations allow TV and satellite signals to be transmitted to multiple dwellings or units within a complex or businesses using a combination of systems.

2. The communal system is designed to integrate the signal and distribute it throughout a property such as a block of flats or townhouses, using a wiring system that share the same aerials and satellite dish.

We are expert arterial, TopTV and DSTV installers delivering the following aerial services in the communal environment:

  • Preconstruction design and installation during building phase.
  • Design and installation of new systems in existing communal and/or commercial properties.
  • Upgrades of existing installations to accommodate HD.

A communal system is a sought after amenity by prospective homeowners and tenants. Also, with proper planning, communal installations can allow for the discrete location of the satellite dishes and antennas allowing for a much more attractive property when viewed from the outside.

The benefits of a communal satellite and aerial system are:

  •  Added value to the building structure and services.
  • Reduction or elimination of the need for individual aerials and satellite dishes and associated health and safety issues.
  • Minimise disputes with tenants.
  •  Meets planning guidelines.

The design and architecture of each communal aerial installation varies according to individual requirements and size of the building or complex.

It is likely that most communal systems will need upgrading for the digital switchover. 

Communal systems that are older than 10 years will likely need to be replaced. New communal installations done by Aerial Installationz are digital ready so you will not have to upgrade your communal system before the switch over.