*Thunderstorms, torrential rains, lightening and harsh weather can wreak havoc on your aerial or satellite system which require television aerial and DSTV satellite repairs or maintenance to keep your home entertainment system functioning at its best.

Extreme fluctuations in temperature between day and night cause expansion and contraction of metal and plastic television aerial and DSTV satellite dish components which results in perishing and cracks that allow water penetration which cause loss of signal. It is at times like these that you need DSTV accredited installers with the knowledge and skill to provide television aerial and satellite repairs.

We understand the headache and inconvenience caused by system and decoder faults that require DSTV repairs and/or maintenance. Using our experience and high-tech equipment we are able to quickly inspect, diagnose and repair any problems with your aerial installation or DSTV satellite installation. Weather it is for a single home or communal installations, we provide cost effective DSTV repairs and maintenance with quick turnaround times. 

The most common repair problems that we see are:

1. LNB damage.

2. Broken connectors.

3. Lightening damage.

4. Dish not properly aligned.

5. Lost settings or programming on TVs and or decoders.

6. Damaged electronic components.

7. Damaged cable.


The most common maintenance issues with digital reception: 

1. Pixilation - where your picture is freezing or breaking up into small blocks. 

2. Missing channels - where you are not receiving the full bouquet or no channels at all. 


The most common maintenance issues with analogue reception: 

1. Loss of colour.

2. Fuzzy or snowy picture.

3. Picture in the background of the show you are viewing.

4. Ghosting or a reflection of images.