Charlie Sheen's rant!

Charlie Sheen lost his temper when he was refused re-entry to a hockey game in Los Angeles recently.

The actor started ranting at a security guard at the Staples Center when she wouldn’t allow him back inside after a smoke break.

While he tried to reason with the woman at first, he soon lost his cool.

“What does common sense direct?” he can be seen asking the guard in a video posted on TMZ. “Let a guy back in the door he just walked out of, I mean come on? Common sense, that’s all.”

Unfortunately he started swearing shortly thereafter, while pals tried to shield him from the paparazzi.

But Charlie was intent on making his point and addressed the waiting cameras directly.

“Is common sense and common courtesy, like, gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her."

However, the pretty brunette security attendant wasn’t impressed by his raving.

She told waiting photographers that everyone has to adhere to the same rules, no matter who they are.