At Margate Aerials, we specialise in the installation of the various aerial systems needed to receive SABC 1, 2, 3, ETV and MNET. Our expert aerial installers will install the right TV aerial for your area, positioning the aerial to maximize the

Margate Aerial provide DSTV installations in South Coast. Our accredited DSTV installers are skilled in selecting the best dish, choosing the best location on your property and fine tuning your DSTV satellite for the best reception. It is i

DSTV’s HD installations are growing in popularity largely because the advantages far outweigh the cost. A must-have for sport enthusiasts and movie lovers in South Africa.  DSTV HD installation turns ordinary TV in

 Are you tired of missing your favourite shows because someone else is watching television?  Get DSTV XtraView installation and forget about fighting over the remote.  *DSTV dual view installation is available on select packages

- Choose life.  - Choose DSTV HD installations. - Choose a big HD television, choose being able to record, play, rewind, and replay your favourite television shows whenever you want.  - Choose DSTV XtraView installations, choose

  1. Communal installations allow TV and satellite signals to be transmitted to multiple dwellings or units within a complex or businesses using a combination of systems. 2. The communal system is designed to integrate the signal and distr

A properly installed TV bracket can optimize your viewing experience of a flat screen or plasma TV. The size of your particular TV and its type will indicate the types of brackets that should be considered. Our aerial and satellite dish installer

  *Thunderstorms, torrential rains, lightening and harsh weather can wreak havoc on your aerial or satellite system which require television aerial and DSTV satellite repairs or maintenance to keep your home entertainment system functioning at